Lesson Resources

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Ministry Purpose Statement:

  • “To be servants of the Lord commissioned, committed, to encourage and challenge every woman and girl to reach out and cause spiritual transformation.” 
Projects we will implement to fulfill our purpose:
  • To visit the sick and shut in of the church and community
  • To encourage the young ladies to become a part of the Women’s Ministry
  • To establish a workshop in the coming year for the Women’s Ministry
  • To encourage the ladies to take more interest in missionary work and fellowship within the community and city.
  • Ministry Leader – Sis. Berta Collins
  • Assistant Ministry Leader 1- Sis. Mary Walker
  • Assistant Ministry Leader 2 – Sis. Shonette Hill
  • Secretary – Sis. Bobbye Carter
  • Bible Teacher – Sis. Gloria Pearson, LaTonya Pullam
Meeting Day/Time:
  • 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm