Fresh Power 2024

40 Days Fasting and Praying With God

Free Fasting and Prayer Guide!

Pastor Kevin Pullam and the Pleasant Mount Gilead family are pleased to offer you a free Fasting and prayer guide for Lent 2024. This 40-day Fasting guide will help to focus your heart, mind, and prayers as we seek to connect more closely with God in this season. 

The Lenten season is a time when many Christians around the world abstain from certain food items or behaviors for the 40 days leading up to Easter in an attempt to gain a closer walk with God.  Within this free 40-day Fasting guide Pastor Pullam has diligently explained what Fasting is, how to Fast, and different types of Fast you can participate in. Fresh Power 2024 also serves as a free Fasting journal that you can use in your daily meditation and prayer. 


If you would like to share your experience during Fresh Power 2024, you can always contact us here on our website or through our Facebook page. You can also join in on our daily prayer call every morning at 7:45am by downloading our church app from here. We are excited to hear about the breakthrough which will come from the free Fasting and prayer guide. Every year we hear wonderful stories about how Fresh Power changes peoples lives, and we are excited about what this Fasting effort can do in your life as well,