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Feuling Inspiration Through Youth Alliance

We Are a Ministry Passionate About Sparking a F.I.Y.A. in the Hearts of All

- Matthew 28:19-20 (KJV)

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Visit PMG’s website to fully learn about how we are continuously striving to be a┬ápeople who are “In Tune with God, and In touch With Man.”

F.I.Y.A. Drills

Learn how F.I.Y.A. Drills are helping to train up our youth for the work of Christ. Visit this page to learn more about how you child can get involved..

Dalmatian Spot

The Dalmatian Spot is Emmanuel’s Sunday morning nursery. Visit this page to learn more about this service and to sign your little one up today.

The E.M.S.

Visit this page to quickly and easily stay up to the minute with your F.I.Y.A. Fuel progress. Simply use your email address and password to log on.