About Us

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About Us

Pleasant Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church is a Bible believing and Christ centered church that was founded in the 1920’s.  The Great Commision, found in Matthew 28:19-20, continues to be our mandate and mission. Pastor Kevin L. Pullam strongly values the idea of our congregation being devoted to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and the empowerment of believers in their daily lives.

At PMG we believe that a church is only as strong as the framework of the family. We are dedicated to the kind of spiritual growth, evangelism, and fellowship witnessed and encouraged in the bible. We enage in bible based, Christ-centered worship.  During each of our worship services, we do our best to exalt the Savior, evangelize the Sinner and edify the Saint. Our pastor is diligent in preparation and preaching. He is also down to earth and people oriented.  This makes for a word experience that is powerful yet practical.  We leave each worship and study encounter with real tools and teaching to address our daily real life encounters.

In 2018 we are “Tuning Upward, Teaching Inward, and Trending Outward” as a people who are “In Tune With God, and In Touch With Man.”